Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning products are always needed in homes, offices and more. Regardless of cleaning furniture, windows, floors, clothes or other possessions, our fight against germs never ends.

The majority of known cleaning supplies and products, however, are petroleum-based, having some unpleasant health issues as well as environmental impacts. So why work with them, when they have such results as part of how they do their job? There are many natural, safe products which do the same job with much less trouble or toxicity. So, here are some eco-friendly cleaning tips:

Work with green cleaning products

The practical aspects and impacts of your regular cleaning products are becoming more and more transparent with each year. Leading to the creation of more green brands of these products. Less toxicity, same quality of cleaning power plus being biodegradable makes these a common choice among customers today.

Avoiding bad quality indoor air

It is hardly uncommon for a home to have bad air due to accumulated toxicity. Many toxic substances and materials are used in homes and buildings, regardless of their insulation. Making sure you keep your windows open, will help you invite fresh air in and toxins out.

Be careful with antibacterial cleaning products

Antibacterial cleaners are seen a lot today, however, they may not always be needed. It may be better for you to clean your hands with soap and water instead of these. Prolonged exposure to antibacterial cleaners renders certain strands of bacteria resistant to their action. There is no definite proof. These work better than good old soap and water, so keep that in mind.

Using baking soda

You may or may not know that baking soda has the amazing quality of removing rampant smells from your household. Whether sprinkled over a musty carpet, inside your fridge or elsewhere, it will have the same effect each time, absorbing smells and keeping things neat and neutral.

Freshening up your indoor air

You can avoid the chemical fresheners bought at the store, instead opting for more natural elements. Boil cloves, cinnamon or other herbs you like for a fresh smell. You can bake fresh chocolate chip cookies for a lovely aroma. Certain types of plants also have some very pleasant scents that saturate a household if you give them a chance.

Trashing toxic cleaners

This has to be done carefully, since most of those can end up in a landfill, then finding their way into the soil and the groundwater of the area. There are recycling centers around communities around the world. So certain times of the week you may have a chance to deposit these into them where they’ll be disposed of properly.

Hire a green cleaning company

If you don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, you can always hire a company of that sort to do it for you. There are more and more of these companies appearing as the years roll by, allowing you to deal with the aspects of cleaning in a safe and affordable way. You should do your research well before hiring a company. However, as they may not be up to your standards.

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