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The ducts in the home play a very important part. They circulate the air from your heating and cooling system in the entire house which provides constant interior comfort regardless of the season. In fact, the air in your home circulates multiple times a day through the ducts. So, it is vital to have a professional air duct cleaning regularly.

The reason behind having professional cleaning is the air flowing through your ducts is the same air that is recirculated after passes through the dirty ducts, and this air is inhaled by you and your family. As you want this air to be as clean as possible you need to have a regular cleaning of your ducts.

Here we have mentioned signs you can consider having professional air duct cleaning services.

Your air ducts may need professional cleaning if you notice these signs:

  • Offensive odors from your duct work or HVAC system.
  • Debris buildup that restricts air-flow.
  • Dust, cobwebs, or other debris visibly blowing from duct work/registers.
  • Mold, mildew, slime, or other microbial growth.
  • Evidence of insect or rodent infestation.
  • Having an air duct with permanent or long-term water damage.
  • Frequent bouts of illness or allergies among your family.

Top 3 Reason to Have Air Duct Cleaning Regularly


Make the Environment Comfortable & Easier To Breath

Clean air makes it easier for everyone to breath, in fact, people with chronic allergies or respiratory issues feel comfortable to breathe in such environment. If cleaning is avoided the dust pollutants will enter the nose and lungs which can trigger sneezing and coughing and sinus and bronchial congestion. So, make sure you always keep your vents clean as it promotes healthy well-being. 


Eliminates Unpleasant Smell and Odors

Household cleaning agents, paint fumes, mold, pets, and food preparation are the major contributors of stale smell in the air duct. Whenever the furnace or AC is on these odors will continuously keep on flowing through the house. Also, the accumulation of dust and dirt over the years can create a musty scent in your house. So, having detailed air duct cleaning will eliminate all the unwanted particles creating odors. This will make your home smelling fresh.


Save Electricity Costs

The air duct with dirt, debris, rodents, or toxins can make your HVAC unit to work harder than its efficiency, this will also cause the unit to use more power to keep doing its job. This will cost you higher electricity cost, especially in extreme temperatures such as hot and cold. If you notice that your energy usage is increasing, air ducts can be the reason.

If you need some professional help, Same Day Carpet Cleaning provides air duct cleaning in San Diego. Our professionals have years of experience and use the latest tools and solutions to deliver you the desired results.

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