Water Damage Restoration Tips To Winter-Proof Your home

Water Damage Restoration Tips To Winter-Proof Your home

Every winter, mostly when you live in freezing temperatures, your home is under the risk of various winter elements like snow or ice. However, these can cause the failure of many systems in your home. One of the reasons can be water damage. Causes of the water damage can be leaky or busty pipes because of melting ice. Also, due to winter storms on the horizons and exposure of the water gas-fired furnace components damages. Choosing water damage restoration service helps you to prevent these water damage issues.

Issues like sewage overflows, malfunctioning appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters or refrigerators, a toilet overflow can be prevented and solved using water damage restoration service. To avoid these water damage issues in this thrilling winter weather, we have mentioned useful water damage restoration tips. This will help you treat the damage issue quickly, causing less harm to your home.

Ways to Prevent Winter Water Damage Issues In your Home

Install water shut-off valves

During winter the possibility of a pipe bursting or freezing increases which result in severe water damage to your home. Installing water shut-off valves you can stop the flow of water, protecting your home by minimizing water damage issues. Install pressure release valve to decrease the pressure caused by frozen pipes.

Inspect on any pipe leakage

Do you know that even a small leak allow up to 250 gallons of water to flood your home in just one day? Checking and sealing of the burst and crack pipes helps you to prevent thousands of dollars on water damage. Various water damage restoration companies offer quality inspection and leak detection service.

Unblocked rain gutters

Debris that get accumulate on your roof gutter prevents melting snow and ice from penetrating down the roof. As a result, water melting from the snow does not have any place to drain and it causes ice dams to form. Therefore, the possibility of water seeping into your home causing leaks to your home ceilings increases. It also can damage your insulation and walls. Choosing water restoration service provider you can unblock your rain gutter easily.

Clear snow from the roof

Snow buildup on your roof causes ice dams which have to be removed quickly. With the help of the roof rake or push broom, you can easily remove the snow. As a result, it prevents the melting water of the snow to enter your home causing less water damage. In case, if the snow remains on your roof then increase the temperature of your attic ( space or room below the roof). Also, you can seal any holes in the attic to keep warm air inside your home.

Don’t Let Water Damage Affects Your Home Foundation

A foundation that has been damaged due to the exposure of the water can weaken and put your home at risk. Choose the professional water damage restoration service to secure your home as the experts use heat drying equipment to ensure that the wet home elements or spaces dry rapidly. Being an A+BBB rating company and two-time Angie’s List Super Service Award winners, Same Day Restoration and Cleaning is the ultimate choice for quality water damage restoration service.

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