Carpet Cleaning

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Every carpet is stained and soiled differently, and is made of different material; this will influence the length of dry time for your particular carpet. Drying time usually takes anywhere from 1-5 hours. We are able to give you an estimate of the drying time after we analyze your carpets.

How long is the cleaning process for the carpet in one room?

It takes about one hour for us to properly clean the carpets in three rooms where the furniture is already moved out of the way.

Is it possible to get the pet odor/stains off of my carpet?

Removal of pet stains and pet odors can be complex, as the urine may soak into deep layers of the carpet padding. If this is the case, we must get rid of the urine in each padding. This will most likely get rid of the odor as well; however, it may not be enough for extreme cases. In severe cases, a urine neutralize may be utilized.

Do your technicians move furniture?

Yes, we are able to move your sofas, tables, chairs, and so forth. Beds, entertainment centers, and heavier pieces are left in their places because of liability issues. Before we start our procedure, you may move the heavier pieces as you wish.

Upholstery Cleaning

How long will it take my upholstery to dry?

Most of the water will be removed with a high-powered vacuum. From there, the drying time will range from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the fabric and the soil level.

What do you do to protect the upholstery after you’re done cleaning it?

We use a very effective protectant to your upholstery by request. The protectant we use is environmentally friendly, and will protect your upholstery from spills and every day wear.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

How effective are your methods for cleaning tile and grout?

Our methods for tile and grout are very effective: buffing and steam cleaning. Through a complete analysis, we’ll determine which method will be best for your specific tile and grout.

When should I have my tile and grout professionally cleaned, and how often?

When your tile and grout gets dirty, but doesn’t respond well to regular floor cleaning techniques, it is recommended to call in professionals. If you do not seek professional cleaners, the dirt will penetrate the grout, leading you to expensive solutions like re-grouting or re-coloring.

Air Duct Cleaning

Should my air ducts be cleaned?

It is highly recommended that your air ducts are to be cleaned because dirty air ducts will make your indoor air 2 to 5 more times polluted than the air outside. Disposable filters usually only 10% of the pollutants, which is just not enough.

Will my house get dusty?

We keep the vacuum inserted in the trunk-line throughout the procedure so that there will be no dust entering your home. There will be a significant decrease in dust in your home after your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

24/7 Water and Flood Damage

Why can’t I let the wet areas in my home (tile, walls, ceiling, etc.) dry on their own?

Mold and mildew will form if you allow your building materials to dry on their own. The only proper way to dry these areas is with blowers and dehumidifiers.

How long will the drying process take?

The drying usually takes a minimum of 3 days; however, the drying time varies according to  size, indoor/outdoor conditions, and the material. The equipment may be turned off when you go to sleep, and turned back on once you’re awake.


Does Same Day Carpet Care provide 24 hour service?

We are available 24/7 for accidental water damage issues that occur in your home or business location. Our technicians will act quickly to help prevent further water damage by the time we reach your location.

Is Same Day Carpet Care environmentally friendly?

Our products are safe and non-toxic agents that are completely environmentally friendly while still being very effective in the cleaning process.

Are there any additional charges during the cleaning process?

We are completely honest with all of our clients, and will give you the exact cost of our services for your particular home or office. The final process will be agreed upon even before a technicians shows up. The price will not change one cent when we get there, unless you want us to add a service that was not a part of the original plan.

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